Pilates is an innovative system of body-mind exercise evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates. Pilates transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs.

It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with a flat stomach, sculpted arms and slender hips and thighs.

It teaches body awareness, good posture and graceful movement. It also improves balance and flexibility and can help alleviate back pain.

Pilates is the perfect form of exercise for Every Body because it is adaptable. Most of the exercises can be modified according to different client profiles. The result: a personalized workout that is safe and challenging for men and women of any age and of any level of fitness.

The Pilates reformer is a resistance-based piece of equipment with a moving carriage that slides along a metal frame. Springs and ropes provide assistance and resistance, and exercises are performed lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing.

We love the reformer. The versatility of the reformer allows an almost unlimited range of exercises to be performed. This allows you to work every area of the body and also means that no two classes are ever the same.


smooth reformer
This class is ideal if you are new to Pilates on the reformer and want to feel confident with the technique before taking on more challenging exercises. It is also ideal if you prefer to workout at a slower pace. Focus areas:

  • strengthening the abdominals.

  • stabilizing and mobilizing the pelvis and spine.

  • correct posture and breathing.

tonic reformer
Once you are comfortable with the reformer and start to feel an improvement in your core strength, you are ready to progress to the next level. These classes are more intense, the exercises are more varied and the pace is faster. Focus areas:

  • full body conditioning.

  • increased flexibility.

  • improved coordination and balance.

wasabi reformer
If you’ve been coming to tonic classes for a while and are looking for an extra challenge, this is the class for you. You’ll perform more sequences, the changeovers are faster and there’s less explanation. This means you’ll need to be comfortable with your technique and familiar with the exercises. Focus areas:

  • the exercises are highly functional, working different muscle groups together, to increase the effort and control required.

  • increased cardio fitness.

  • improved endurance.

tonic / wasabi jump reformer
tonic / wasabi reformer class including interval training on the jump board throughout the session. The jump board is a rebound board that slides in front of the footbar of the reformer. Coupled with the reformer springs, it allows you to do a cardio workout lying down (!!!) by performing low impact jumps off this rebound board. These classes provide the fat burning effects of cardio with the core-strengthening, toning and flexibility benefits of Pilates.